Three service options

I offer three flexible pricing and service delivery models to enable you to seek specialist legal advice, whatever your concern.  



I work as in-house counsel with your existing legal team, as an independent contractor, not a permanent hire (a bit like the traditional legal secondment).

I offer half day and full day rates, as well as hourly rates, and can be booked for one off or regular day, week or month engagements. Ideal for collaborating with your team, in an accessible way and working together to support the business on an ongoing project or a range of advisory matters. 

Perfect where you have a lot of documents to share, or commercial reasons to prefer a close in-house adviser.  Also great for operational compliance matters, that require legal input on strategic and day-to-day issues, but may not necessarily be high risk transactions or enforcement matters for which you might use traditional external advisers.

I know that most organisations need and want to prioritise environmental and planning issues, but have restricted OPEX. Perhaps you need to develop new management systems but have limited CAPEX? This option is a cost effective way to engage a lawyer as a contractor.

In terms of practicalities, I can work at your office or remotely, so long as I have an email address for the business and some way to access the relevant documents.  In this model, my advice is from the in-house legal team and subject to the the organisation's professional indemnity for the in-house team,

If you don't have an in-house legal team, then I can still work at your office with all of the accessibility benefits, but I would be engaged as an external legal adviser.


Just like a traditional law firm. I work from my office. Easiest for legal advice on a specific matter, and also for conducting litigation. 

I can work on an hourly rate or fixed fee, depending on the nature of the work. 

I still love to collaborate though, so fixed fee is my preference, with plenty of time for meetings, discussion, conference calls and FaceTime without any worry about the clock. 

law firm consultant support

Whether it's support on a deal; help with a proceeding, a need for ancillary environment or planning advice or cover for leave, I am here to help. 

I trained and was admitted to practice in London with global law firm DLA Piper. In Melbourne, I worked for DLA Phillips Fox and more recently, led the Environment Practice at Lander & Rogers. Whatever your needs, as a senior practitioner, I am happy to help.  

Under this model, I am engaged by way of a consultancy services agreement and can be booked for one off or regular day, week or month engagements. I become part of your firm's legal team and advice is from the firm and subject to the firm's professional indemnity. 

I currently work with a number of premier, national and boutique law firms in Australia and have wonderful networks into many of the top firms.  

From a client's perspective, if you have an existing panel arrangement and would like to work with me as a subcontractor to a firm on your existing  legal panel, please contact me to explore how this can be achieved.