2018 Changes to environmental laws and policies around Australia

Clarity and confidence in environmental legal risk management is so important.  

It was a great pleasure to co-host, with Lotte Hoekstra from AECOM, the Australian Environment Business Network's 2018 update on changes to environmental and planning laws around Australia.  I spoke about some key risk management trends for 2018 and highlighted recent and upcoming areas for reform across the States and Territories. 

Key topics for 2018 

  • responding to the National Environmental Management Plan for PFAS;
  • helping environmental managers stay on top of the raft of environmental legal and policy changes and actively contribute to consultations to shape new laws;
  • understanding emerging trends in climate change risk, sustainability and relevantly liability;
  • navigating developments in planning law and environmental impact assessment legislation including how these dovetail with reformed native vegetation conservation laws; 
  • getting up to speed with recent and upcoming reform to heritage protection laws; 
  • responding to Australia's infrastructure boom (as proponent, or affected party) and preparedness for the upswing in commercial transactions, such as mergers and aquisitions, and new ventures;
  • supporting the growing renewables sector and the importance of HSE in development of new infrastructure and in operations; and 
  • site decommissioning and mine rehabilitation. 

For an abridged version of my talk, click on the image below.  

If you missed today's session and would like a tailored briefing for your organisation, please contact me. 

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